June 21, 2006

International relations all ale and hearty - part 3

Spitfire Ale’s little World Cup cartoons continue, although some of the recent ones have slipped in quality. Here’s another good one (click to enlarge), playing on English distrust of the ubiquitous Franco-German stitch-up.
(Earlier examples from this campaign can be seen here and here).
The mood of these ads is nothing new. Witness this Dambusters-inspired TV ad from 1993 from Carling Black Label.

I wonder if advertising legislation forbidding advertisers from relating beer drinking to being cool or sexy will mean more of these brands associating themselves with mild xenophobia.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its all the rage in the crappy tabloids!

The "banned" (i.e.: viral) print ads for spitfire were good though.