June 19, 2006

Back to reality

This advertising lark is not rocket science, despite the techno jargon I hear being thrown around (mainly by strategic planners, bless 'em). Yes, a monkey could do it and I have it on good authority that the IPA has been suppressing a census that shows just how many agencies are run by chimpanzees.
I know of at least two media agencies with a hairy orang utan in charge, and the creative director of a rival ad agency does have a very red bottom, although whether this is a species characteristic or a symptom of his nocturnal behaviour remains open to question.
If you think I'm arseing around then spit out that banana in disbelief when you see the Spaniards advocating apes being given legal rights on a parity with humans (although I hope this doesn't mean you'll be seeing chimps being jailed for lobbing poo at policemen). Bloody hell, you'll be paying us next.
Thanks to the only website that really matters, Monkeywatch, for the story.

Tags: Ad industry, Bigging-up, Chimps, Human behaviour

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