June 29, 2006

Happy as a Viking on a rampage

I’d like to know why Icelanders are so bleedin’ happy. You’d have thought constant exposure to poor sunlight, awful weather, Bjork and an exploding landscape would be fatally depressing. But no, Iceland is the happiest nation in the world, according to a new survey, surprisingly beating Australia into second place.
I suppose it’s the dearth of Icelanders around town that has caused my surprise. Maybe they really are a happy bunch.
Certainly every office and pub in England appears to have its own collection of mendicant Aussies, with their clear complexions, loud voices and a smirk like they’ve farted in a crowded lift and someone else got the blame.
It was funny seeing them upset about their World Cup exit though. And they call the English whingeing Poms!
Maybe this is why they’re so happy, if it’s a true reflection of an ordinary working man’s day:

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