June 08, 2006

Nemo, you're gonna die

Shots showcases the new spot for Orange, the first ad by its new agency Marcel. It’s all lovely and floaty and mystical and metaphorical, but somehow lacking in soul. You don’t need special effects to be dreamy and clever (e.g. Sony Bravia’s bouncing balls), but when you’re an awkward old git like me, logic sometimes gets in the way of just enjoying the view: Is that a freshwater fish? You can’t put a marine fish in a glass bowl, can you? Is that the ocean? Won’t the fish die? Aren’t those lights just like the ones the aliens used in The Abyss? Is this an O2 ad?


Scamp said...

My pet hate is ads that make really obvious statements that no one could disagree with - in this case, "Open is good."

It's like politicians coming out in favour of motherhood and apple pie.

If you're saying anything that no one in the world would disagree with, then you're not saying anything significant.

FishNChimps said...

Well, the ad worked for me. I went out on Saturday and bought a fish.