June 16, 2006

Fanny magnetism and an excuse to mention pussies

The Lynx / Axe ads have always been fun to watch. The ads work because there is an element of mockery in them. This South African spot (one of three – the others can be seen on Boards ) is faithful to the genre and takes a fresh approach.
No man could seriously believe that spraying himself with cheap deodorant will make him irresistible to women, and yet many seem to buy into it. The numbers back it up. Having recently dispatched my team of propeller-heads to look into this market, I found that nearly 70% of 15-19 year-old boys use Lynx. Just over half of all single men use it. It’s a pity the survey doesn’t ask if these fellas consider themselves successful with the opposite sex, because I reckon that any guy insecure enough to believe that you can buy fanny magnetism in a can is probably not confident enough to be successful with the girls.
The enemy of the single man appears to be the cat: pussies are owned by less than a quarter of single men. Face it, cats are not a macho pet.
Here is the ultimate nightmare of the single man (slightly NSFW).

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