June 12, 2006

Club 18-30: a firm goodbye to all that hot & creamy innuendo

There are lots of better ad blogs than this. They are very good at keeping you up-to-date with latest campaigns (see my Ad Pr0n blogroll). Don't expect that from CMM News, which is pure self-indulgence and biased opinion. Hence my occasional feature of stuff that amuses me, even if it's old.
Here's something that has been cluttering up my drive for a long time. It's from a Club 18-30 outdoor campaign which won a hatful of awards and complaints for Saatchi & Saatchi in 2002 , in the days when the holiday company was all about smut and getting pissed and blow jobs while outraged locals shook their heads in disgust.
Club 18-30 has changed tack since then, selling sophistication instead of syphillis. Between you, me and the very erect gatepost, most holidaymakers booking with this firm will be very well aware of its heritage, and will expect the usual.
Click to engorge; more ads from this campaign here.

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