January 16, 2007

Watch out, the elephant's coming

In an ideal world, the dodgy viral video ought to be the desperate medium for smaller brands. You could forgive them their little bit of fun which, if the brand fits, would be willingly passed around the Bored At Work Network. The video two posts below is a good example.
Here we witness a brand that should know better. The Panasonic Viera should be taking on the Sony Bravia in the LCD vs plasma TV wars but instead you get a low-production, badly acted pair of men behaving badly. It's as if Panasonic bypassed their agency and threw a few hundred quid and a camera at the monkeys working in the mail room.
And the joke... let's just say you can see it coming a mile off.
This viral is supported by a website.


Alvin said...

I wonder if anyone actually used the words 'interspecies bukkake' during meetings leading up to production? I hope so.

But jokes aside, this 'viral' and accompanying website make me sad. So formulaic and restrained. This feels like it might have been a great idea on paper, retarded by client cold feet.

RFB said...

"He didn't see that coming" is the url, complete with "Want to know how we made this Viera viral film? Then take a look at our image gallery, footage of the film shoot and the tomfoolery that went on as our poor actor got a faceful of "liquid"."

Storyboards and everything.

I'm of the opinion that when you call it viral, build a website around the video and invite everyone with lots of noise, it ceases being viral and has instead turned into an online campaign.

Somewhere, someone is patting their own on the back at what a great success this is.

This wouldn't make it past censors in the States, so maybe some people's idea of "viral" is simply what can't be shown on TV.

Anonymous said...

This SO wanted to be either for Viagra or a beer spot.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

The real crime is that the spunk doesn't even look like spunk