January 03, 2007

The stolen ninja - update

Last month I posted a story about Coca-Cola Argentina's shameless stealing of a video from cheeky b3ta regular Joel Veitch. As predicted, this story wouldn't lie, but I was surprised to see it pop up on Sky News at 6:15 this morning. I nearly fell off my exercise bike.
In discussing past copyright battles, the original Sky report mentioned something I didn't know, which was that The Verve get no royalties whatsoever from Bittersweet Symphony, surely their best-known song, following a successful lawsuit by the Rolling Stones who accused them of ripping off one of their tracks.
One to remember for the next pop trivia quiz...


mediawasp said...

Was on the Metro today too. Have the B3ta people launched any reprisals yet?

FishNChimps said...

The b3ta bulletin boards appear to suggest that the agency and Coke Argentina have received many abusive emails and vows to drink Pepsi.
The b3ta people themselves (including the band) seem to have hired a PR agency, from what I've read.