January 17, 2007

JeHovis' witness

From the Airfix box marked “Ads that make themselves, #34 – Bread” you get the following standard ingredients: Plinky plonk piano soundtrack. Soft female voiceover. Combine harvester. Wheat field.
Yep, very nice. And the wheatfield that just happens, from the air, to look like a slice of bread… cute. Even the munching kid’s head is shaped like a loaf, but maybe that’s not deliberate.
Half way through the ad, the honeyed female voice informs you that “Children often leave their crusts. But with Hovis Invisible Crust there’s nothing to leave. So none of the wholegrain goodness is wasted. Invisible Crust, from Hovis.”
Now just hang on a minute there… Being a dab hand in the kitchen (yes, sometimes I like to give my chef the day off) I’ve yet to crack the conundrum of baking bread without creating a crust. So I’m assuming that these Hovis loaves have their crusts removed at the factory. Unless of course the crusts are really invisible, but I think it unlikely that a bakery would be privy to the alien technology secrets of Area 51.
And if the crusts are removed at the factory, what happens to them?
None of the wholegrain goodness is wasted, claims Hovis.
Even though I have weightier matters on my mind, such as planning the monkey invasion, it’s the mystery of the wasted crusts that’s keeping me awake at night.
We must be told.

Picnicked from b3ta

Agency: DDB London


Jetpacks said...

transubstantially good....


Make the logo bigger said...

I’m on this. I’ll get back to you. Don’t do anything yet, ok?

FishNChimps said...

Yes. Find out. It's important.