January 12, 2007

Eat me, fattie

Two weeks into the GI diet and I’m down six pounds.
Maybe I’m particularly sensitive (this being my first diet in about five years), but why do there appear to be more food porn ads around now than there were a month ago? It seems like the food advertisers are desperate to cause the failure of millions of new year resolutions.
Take this beauty from McDonald’s. It’s a full page spread in most of the papers.
I veer between diet-induced disgust at the image of all that sugar and saturated fat, and a hankering to pig out and forget the boredom and chill of January. That’s why the term Comfort Food is so loaded with temptation and remorse.
The invisible copy screams “Oi fattie – fuck the diet. Eat me!”. When I’m a stone down, maybe I will.
Just the once.


Jetpacks said...

Your McDonald's has Onion Rings? NO FAIR.

Good luck on that, Chimp. But until you can cut out the beer, it ain't going away. I'm switching to tequila, I think. See if that works.

Doug said...

i too encountered the mcdonalds dichotomy this morning when perusing the press. but i've stuck to my diet for a whole 10 days now, dammit, so I too will have to seek my 'winter comfort' elsewhere...

1/2 stone off tho', only 2.5 to go :-)

greencan said...

We are currently having the 2 for $3 ads run. So you can have two Big Macs or two Quarter Pounders. So, just in case the first one doesn't cause a heart attack, the second one surely will...all at the low, low price of $3!

northernplanner said...

Comfort food? It's not even cold!

You've earned a treat, if you don't have the odd pick me up you'll crack and end up worse than before.

FishNChimps said...

That's the thing about McD's - it should be an occasional treat but it's just too damned convenient, and cheap, as pointed out by greencan.
My weakness is for their breakfast muffins.
Incidentally, all McD burgers taste better when you hold them upside down.