January 03, 2007

More evil from the East

If it were not for YouTube, the world would be deprived of the wonders of antique Eastern European advertising. Who could forget the horror of the Hungarian sausage? Here's something even scarier, from the evil synth soundtrack to the sinister paedophiliac-looking sailor and the chef gobbing onto a plate. It's pest control, Polish style.

Spotted on b3ta


Doug said...

i can't work out what the brand's called... perhaps they should show the pack a bit more

Jetpacks said...

Freakshow. But proof that film school grads who fail at film wind up in advertising. Dark. Intriguing. Full of mysterious cameos by sailors and chefs. So much Symbolism, Angst, Fear and Loathing.

Grade: C+. Next time a string quartet needs to do "La Cucaracha," not your 1989 Casio keyboard. Also, no more smiling! In this sort of film, I'd prefer all the actors be somber and pensive, like a sailor pondering pedophilia.

And the "G" in the logo is filled with the American Stars and Stripes. Hmmmmm. Nice touch.

copyranter said...

you deserve whatever medal your Queen gives out for "cheeky finds" for those cheeky finds.

FishNChimps said...

Thank you. I aim to disturb.

New York Punk said...

I love the fact that, they were vague to a point where non-poles, or maybe even poles, might confuse this with some kind of food or seasoning.