January 23, 2007

Big Ad hits it off with Kylie, has offspring

Carlton Draught's wildly popular Big Ad was a piss-take of over ambitious production. It was also an inspiration, it appears. The noisy horde flirted and hit it off with Kylie Minogue's eye candy crowd from her Slow video.
From this Antipodean union did spring the following bastard children, which are currently on air.
Midwifed by BBH, and showing on UK telly we have the naked Vaseline crowd.
Nipping at its heels is Sanex's orgy-in-waiting from AMV UK.
Finally, because there's a joker in every family, is Publicis Mojo's big Drumstick crowd.
Doesn't she have her mother's eyes?


Toad said...

Good call. Do Sanex and Vaseline run in the same market? I'd be hard-pressed to tell them apart froma casual viewing. (Though with my ad-goggles on, the Vaseline is incredibly well-shot, well-produced.)

What does one go in with for a storyboard on spots like these? Is it all the director? Never done "conceptual video/art film" type stuff, so I'm a bit at a loss.

FishNChimps said...

Yes - Sanex and Vaseline are both airing in the UK.

Of course, all ads are meticulously planned and there's never interference from a client, especially when naked bodies are involved.