September 08, 2006

Still spurting up the charts

Beyond all expectations, CMM News has lolloped home at number 21 in BMA’s ranking of ad blogs, up from 22 in the previous chart. I really expected a slide out of the top 25 because let’s face it, if you want high-brow intelligent adspeak then you won’t get it here.
It’s with some humility (but not too much) that I rub shoulders with people such as the great and infinitely more cerebral Advergirl and Russell Davies.
So here’s a virtual tip of the glass to those of you who are addicted to your short daily squirt of simian advertising diarrhoea, and to the pervs who regularly type in naughty words in Google and land here (especially the anonymous person who typed in HUGE GIRTH WILLY and landed on my story about the Ikea dog).
Keep it up.

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copyranter said...

according to my alexa ranking, I would be 23rd on the list (but I wrote and told them to not consider me, because I'm not really an ad blogger.) and I'm equally low-brow and stupidier than you. doesn't say much for blog readers, does it?

Fatboy G said...

Congrats, big man! Keep it up! Haven't been back for a while, but you know I love what you're doing!

SchizoFishNChimps said...

copyranter, you must be more psychologically stable than I, because this blog is driven by a need for ego nurturing

SchizoFishNChimps said...

cheers fatboy g. May your discs never stop spinning