September 15, 2006

Women: men are only interested in your mind

To those of you fortunate enough not to be in the UK, the big political news story of the week is the fading power of our god-like Prime Minister who is (allegedly) being undermined by his Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Britain’s bestselling family newspaper, The Sun, continues with its tradition of featuring topless women on page 3.
The best bit is the little quote (“News in briefs”), supposedly by the model, that appears alongside. Yesterday’s gem:

Zoe was relieved that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have finally ended their rift. She said “Hopefully they can get on with running the country and ending the bad blood. I think the whole bust up didn’t do them – or Labour – any favours.”
Over to a striking new press campaign for upmarket department store Harvey Nichols by agency DDB London.
What amuses me about these two items is that The Sun cheekily assumes that its unsophisticated male readers would bother to read model Zoe’s opinion when her assets are presented so prominently. On the other hand, any two blokes sophisticated enough to be fluttering in the same circles as a Harvey Nicks chick would obviously be so attracted to the shining light that is her mind. They must be Sun readers too.
And I didn’t even mention the word Tits once.

Two more Harvey Nichols ads from this campaign here and here.

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Scamp said...

There's a term for that little bit of political opinion that accompanies the picture of a topless woman.

The justifier.