September 14, 2006

Let's all laugh at the fat bloke

I’m in a shitty mood today, having finished two big pre-pitch projects which would normally have me happy. It’s my pissy deputy Dave who kicked things off. He declared that people like me who don’t refill the kettle after using it are demonstrating that they have fascist tendencies, whereas he always fills it to the brim after using it, the sanctimonious little socialist. As I pointed out, his altruistic habit is wasting energy and every time he brews up his tea he’s killing another cute Japanese water monkey, the butterfly effect probably making it boil in its own piss.
In the wake of this argument, one of my underlings played this ad on one of my command centre screens, causing much merriment to all except me.
This is the follow-up to Carlton Draught’s Big Ad. I can see how someone in a happy frame of mind might chuckle at this: fat blokes dancing are straight out of the old comedy rule book. If the protagonist were a fat woman you’d have the squeaky-buttocked PC police swooping down faster than the school bully on a ginger child. It ain’t as innovative as its predecessor though, and Flashdance is ancient history.

Agency: George Patterson Y&R

Tags: Dave, FMCG, Spoof, TV ads


Scamp said...

You're dead right on the kettle.

Pointless to refill, as the next person won't know whether that water is fresh or has already been boiled.

I do like the Carlton Draught ad though. Agree not as funny as 'Big Ad', but it is very stupid. And stupid is good.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

The ad was the first thing that heaved into view, which made it a target. I'll probably like it by teatime.