September 13, 2006

Torn from the pages of the Book of Life!

She's on her fifth Smirnoff Ice and is shagging the taxi driver behind the local chippie, since you ask. I call it Life Experience.
A few minutes Googling and skimming through imdb reveals that these unlikely film posters are the real deal, advertising social dramas that are meant to terrify audiences into locking up their daughters and padlocking their own genitalia. It's amazing the human race managed to procreate at all.

Tags: Evil; Press / outdoor advertising; Sex


Scamp said...

I love the bit about "the man and wife who were ignorant about the facts of life."

so how come they managed to have a daughter?

it no make no sense

Katie said...

yours was by far my favorite comment over at AdRants.

Glad to meet ya.

Anonymous said...

Can’t beat 1950’s movie posters for social commentary.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Aaah, they were the days. Men were real men and women were easily corruptible airheads.

(cheers diva)