September 11, 2006

Nike did it. Lost it.

Back in May CMM News reported the ire of a tiddly London council which was mightily pissed off at Nike for ripping off Hackney council’s logo. Nike copied the original logo, including the name of Hackney, for a range of its sportswear. This was probably Nike’s attempt to associate itself with the salt o’ the earth working class types who like to kick a ball (and each other) around the mudflats of Hackney Marshes every Sunday.
Well gawd blimey, shake a leg me ol’ guvnor ‘cos it’s a fair cop (cue rolling London fog and policemen chasing cloaked villains over slippery cobbled roads): the plucky little flat-capped socialist republic of Hackney have won £300,000 in an out of court settlement with the mighty beast of globalisation. This sum won’t be a big deal to Nike, but to the poverty-stricken borough, this sum will be manna from heaven, buying lots of Cuban holidays for any sporty kids who can sing The Red Flag before kick-off.

Tags: Politics; Sponsorship / PR

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