September 05, 2006

Let’s hound this evil mass-murdering satanist out of town

What the hell is wrong with people. No, what I mean is what the FUCK is wrong with people? Harken to this video with the most effective of ear-worm tunes to have appeared in an advert in recent memory.

There are worse ads out there. In fact, I don’t mind it at all and my weary troop of small-size chimplets back at the treehouse quite like it, and the cereal it promotes. But for some reason the most incredible hate campaign has been waged against the ad, or more specifically the rubbery lad who bounces his way through the song. There have been death threats, for heaven’s sake, and claims that there is an anti-semitic message hidden within.
Today’s Sun news rag takes up the story:
We tracked Sven to his Johannesburg hideaway after spoof clips of him became a big hit online. There were even rumours he killed himself because of abuse about the ad.
Surfers issued death threats against him after it first aired four months ago. One poster ranted: “He’s a revolting, despicable child, he deserves to die.” A lads’ magazine even printed a picture of the youngster with rifle-sight crosshairs on his forehead.
Some of the anti-“Frosties Kid” videos online are quite funny (this one I laughed at, guiltily) but taken together, make for a sinister whole.

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