September 22, 2006

Channel 4's moment of sweary glory

I was surprised to find this, a very popular viral ad from around four years ago which was rapidly withdrawn from its host site at the height of its glory.
British TV’s Channel 4 has been running this series of celebity idents for several years. The idea of having talking heads responding to an unheard question has provided some entertaining moments, but none so utterly gleeful as this parade of British and American celebs letting rip in finest Anglo Saxon.
The ident went viral for a few weeks, but was only broadcast on Channel 4's satellite movie channels (and was therefore missed by the ad monitoring companies, hence its rarity).
Possibly not safe for work

Tags: Poo, vomit & weewee; Media; Viral

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Anonymous said...

Across the pond here, my vote is the classic ‘fuck’. Says so much to so many.