March 22, 2007

Japanese Axe virals - innocent fun or sinister?

Whooooah these are dodgy. I’m on something of a Lynx / Axe splurge at the moment and have stumbled across these Japanese virals for the brand. They’re worth noting because of the slightly innocent look combined with the sinister undertone when seen through Western eyes. The premise (get sprayed = get laid) is executed here with a naivety one might have seen in US or European advertising several years ago. I expect that in a country where men openly read porn on the train and buy used panties from vending machines, these virals seem tame.
But seeing the so-called Axe Effect on schoolgirls and on the PE field just seems a little too creepy. As for this one, with a priest thrashing Axe-crazed women with a large stick… don’t the Japanese have a word for “kinky”?

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