March 07, 2007

A million tiny violins

I have recovered from the painful stitch that occurred after laughing so hard, and the wee-wee has been mopped from my chair.
I have for a long time suspected that George Parker has something of the divine about him, but whether he is touched by angels or devils remains to be seen.
Latest evidence comes in the form of a post on AdScam where the great man daydreams over the rare Bugatti Veyron, not a marque that features in many news headlines.
And then, almost immediately afterwards, this happens.
Somewhere, deep in a rainforest, the Schadenfreude Butterfly’s wings tremble.


greencan said...

I found out about that car last year. That is also on my wish list. If only I had an extra 1.2 mil to spend on a barely street legal car. Just looking at it brings me on the verge of orgasm!
On an aside...your second link about the crash...underneath the article there is a link to an article about brother/sister who are lovers in Germany and trying to get incest laws overturned. What the hell is going on across the pond?

George Parker said...

That's funny about the crash. What the fuck is an Astra Van??? Anything like a Reliant Robin three wheeler? It could only happen in Britain. In italy, it would have hit a gondola in Venice carrying a 20 year old Sophia Loren Clone giving me a blow job.

FishNChimps said...

Astra is the Vauxhall/GM equivalent of the Ford Escort. It's a bit pikey.

And greencan, I have a one-word retort about incest: Deliverance