March 07, 2007

It's a man's world

Here's yet another collection of old ads, this time, uniquely, an entire TV ad break from 1982. So what can we tell about life in Britain 25 years ago?

- Women served men breakfast
- Men didn't care about the healthiness of their cereals, as long as they were tasty
- Ads used to have jingles
- Food packs must dance
- Wives were expected to rustle up a dinner Just Like His Mum
- Babies talk like Brian Glover
- Tesco was pikier than Asda and Morrisons put together (and look at the bastards now)


mediawasp said...

The Fray Bentos is verging a bit on the Benny Hill side of things, no? Thankfully these were all way before my time haha.

New layout is great, but I hope you haven't got rid of the Scantily Clad Monkey Girls (SCMGs)...

FishNChimps said...

The weather's a bit too chilly to let them loose.

Faris said...

this is awesome - thanks!

Amelia said...

one of the things that scares me is the fact that 25 years later I still remember some of the ads - I found myself singing along to "They're very tasty..."
Maybe I need to get out more