March 12, 2007

Old favourites, repeated

There goes another Saturday night... Inevitably, I was drawn into the umpteenth repeat of Channel Four's 3-hours-long 100 Greatest TV Ads. My 9 year-old, already up too late, harrumphed up the stairs to bed, muttering and wondering how anyone could watch anything so boring.
I don't blame him. You need to be old enough to appreciate these small slices of nostalgia. Together they form a patchwork quilt of social history. They are connections between us and the big world: I remember my grandmother urging me to eat more eggs because of an ad, the neighbour's kids calling me the Milky Bar Kid when I first wore glasses, and vainly hoping a girlfriend would give me a blow job if I bought her a Flake.
It's interesting to see how some brands have preserved their character even after decades have passed. There are a few such examples in the final list, but I pick this one because it resonates with me. I lived in South London at the time this ad came out - not a pleasant place then, and I had already had some experience of skinheads.

BMP DDB's spot for The Guardian in 1986 encouraged me to pick up that newspaper for the first time.
Twenty years later, The Guardian's message is still consistent. Just look at this current example spotted by Meme Huffer.

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