March 19, 2007

More BomChickaWahwah

It's no surprise that I'm an admirer of BBH's work for Lynx and its US equivalent, Axe. The premise of spray deodorant = babe magnet aimed at adolescent males isn't a particularly difficult one to deal with. However, BBH have applied humour and imagination.
There have been a few duds (marked down in my book for being too obvious, such as the Nick Lachey / Ben Affleck Click ads), but some flashes of brilliance too. My favourite one is "Getting Dressed", a Cannes winner in 2004. You wouldn't have guessed it was for Lynx, the joke was on the viewer, and there was an equality between the boy and the girl that was unexpected from this brand.
The new BomChickaWahWah campaign is utterly daft and scores with me because of the relationship between the guys (bewildered) and the women (temporarily insane). I do wonder if there's an in-joke here - Lynx smells awful and a woman would have to be mad to be turned on by it. Personally, I have always preferred Hai Karate.
I covered the first ad in the campaign a couple of weeks ago. Here are the next two, fresh from British TV.

I'm uncertain whether this one is from the UK - the campaign has also run in Austria:

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