March 21, 2007

DraftFCB sex up a pig

Most car ads usually fall between two benches: petrolhead porn (images of the motor or its components with lots of fancy effects, or zooming around a spectacular landscape) and the delayed moneyshot (meaningful action or drama ending in the revealing of the car). This is a sweeping generalisation that I’m making after about three seconds of lazy research, so don’t flame me with examples of exceptions.
I’m muchly impressed with this spot from Australia for the Honda CR-V, which I file under “delayed moneyshot”, and it’s a fine example – the guy stripping in the street is just interesting enough to hold the attention until he reaches the pig-ugly car, made to look damn cute to Australian eyes by the simple trick of nailing a surfboard to the roof.
It’s a fine piece of work from DraftFCB Melbourne, proving that you can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Good soundtrack too.

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