March 09, 2007

Insert skidmark joke here

Heck, this is yet another bottom-related observation. Underwear firm Sloggi are launching their own beauty contest, but are focusing solely on the gluteal region. It heralds "a global campaign to find the most perfect male and female bottoms in the world. The competition, called ‘Show me your Sloggi's', is aimed at 18-30 year olds and will run in over 40 countries." - Marketing
Expect much arse-related above the line marketing in July.
Funny how this is supposed to be a global effort and yet is being managed from Britain, surely the most backside-obsessed country in the world.


New York Punk said...

Hot chick in underwear will sell anything, anywhere, anytime.

"The Right Gear" is a disgusting line though.

copyranter said...

I need to move to the UK. Here it's boob-centric. ASSES RULE!!!

FishNChimps said...

It's because bun appreciation can occur without that embarrassing eye contact