October 27, 2006

Research is hungry work

This qualitative research lark is knackering. Having been on the streets interviewing, and without having had a break all day, I asked the scantily clad monkeygirls if they had anything to share.
Nothing but my…

said one.

OK, I agreed, and in return you can have a nibble of my

No thanks, she replied, Quite frankly, I’m not in the mood; what I really need is a refreshing

Be careful, said the other scantily clad monkeygirl to me, last time you made a right mess after you refused a piece of

1 comment:

onewomanrunning said...

*Sigh* you just had to go there. I'll confess that I did smile at it.

If you think that's bad, when I was living in Japan I saw one of my students in town in a t-shirt that said "Nothing comes between me and my fanny". She thought she was so cool 'cause it was in English, I silently cringed.