October 18, 2006

You mean people do THAT in hotels?!

Bravo to this hotel in Thailand, who suggest the best use of its honeymoon suite in this promotional pic. A peculiar part of the blurb reads "It is ideal for a family or a group of friends". Hopefully not at the same time.


onewomanrunning said...

Well at least they're being honest. I can't remember the last time I heard anyone say they were going on honeymoon to sit in big fluffy bath robes and toast each other with glasses of bucks fizz, looking incredibly cheesy and fake.

I wonder who took the picture though...do you reckon it was a proper photoshoot or more spur of the moment?

SchizoFishNChimps said...

I reckon the photographer burst into a genuine scene, ho ho. If you check out the gallery you'll see another pic from the same "event".