October 10, 2006

Where you now, Hans Brix? Ha ha ha ha!!!

Sun 10/10/06
You’ve got to love The Sun, which can’t make up its mind whether it’s a serious newspaper or a comic. Today's headline makes an oblique reference to a risible X-Factor-style TV programme.
North Korea’s midget tyrant has spent a fortune on nuclear weaponry while his people are dying because they have too little to eat. Meanwhile his two main critics, the US and Britain, are run by tyrants whose people are dying because they’re eating too much.
And they called Team America a comedy.

Tags: Evil; Media; Politics


Anonymous said...

God. I don’t know why the North Korean people are complaining about being hungry. It’s not like they ran out of dogs over there or anything.

(Or did they and I didn’t get that email?)

SchizoFishNChimps said...

There's nothing to cook them with because all the wood has been eaten.

Scamp said...

I'm so ronery... so ronery...

copyranter said...

I blame ambassador Alec Baldwin for my country's woes.