October 16, 2006

Making a monkey out of the creatives

Here is an absolute gem from YouTube, from a TV programme I remember seeing a few years ago. Derren Brown is an illusionist and mind trickster - a bit like David Blaine but lower key. His forte is "perceptual manipulation", and this is one of the best examples of his work, where he makes a couple of advertising creatives look a little less clever. It's a superb lesson in subliminal advertising. The last minute of the piece is the real killer.


glu said...

brilliant, the last part really is a hit.

Doug said...

we've used this a few times with clients to demonstrate the power of low involvement processing. it's great - usually goes down very well (although there's always the cynics)

there's a simpsons clip that goes very well with it - I'll try and dig it out

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Cheers doug - simpsons clip would be worth seeing. If you add it to your blog I'll link to it.

Doug said...


I've got this up now. well worth a watch!



Doug said...

...and it should actually work now ;-)