October 04, 2006

Sing for your beer

Famous Rob, writing from the depths of his ad-pit, comments on the latest John Smiths campaign. It’s true that it’s not as funny as the previous work featuring Northern comic Peter Kay but as Rob points out, the new work does show some potential. Aimed at an older audience, it has elements of grumpy old man syndrome that’ll appeal to old farts who prefer to savour their pint (like me). I live in hope of getting some real laughs from this new approach.
But will it beat the Kay ads? Not on your nelly. I was rather pleased to find on YouTube the very rude viral version of one of the Kay TV ads.

Here’s the TV version:

And here’s the viral version:

Others from this campaign include
Top Bombing; Mum; ‘Av it (the one Nike complained about because they thought Kay’s line was taking the piss out of their “Just Do It” tag); ...and my personal favourite, Engelbert Humperdinck.

Agency: TBWA/London

Tags: Celebrities; TV ads; Viral

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