October 30, 2006

Captain Ahab's Christmas list

I now know that the Audi A6 is unique because of its 9,621 patents (and that little organisation called NASA has only ever filed 6,509 of them - Audi told us so). I will therefore be putting this swanky looking motor at the top of next week's shopping list.
It's this shot, right at the end of the latest TV ad that sold it to me:
The image is a little hard to make out, but after the patent pant-wetting claim, the A6 is seen plunging into the ocean. My plan to take over the world, you see, will be made a lot easier when my monkey hordes are armed with submarine cars.
However, someone at Audi needs to get onto the phone to their lawyers, because it looks like one of their patents may have been nicked by someone with a unique Ford Ka conversion plan. Yes, if you're going to make a submarine car, then at least make it look like it can swim:
I've got to get me one of these.

Image from KillerKa
Audi's agency: BBH

Tags: Motor; TV ads

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