October 10, 2006

Using the dreamy foxy propaganda chick

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I take an instant, visceral, irrational dislike to people in ads. For example, there’s a little twerp in a Dassault Systems ad that I might take aim at in a future post (if I can be arsed), whom I may not have noticed were it not for its continuous airing. But enough of that.
My current victim is this innocent model, who somehow turns an ad with a vague point into something without any point at all.
Who is this dreamy foxy chick? Is her life so empty that she’s fantasising over switching her account to another high street bank? Is she a Lloyds worker, dreaming of her next enthusiastic customer?
I don’t know, and I don’t care, because the dreamy foxy chick pose is a ridiculous distraction, probably foisted upon some unfortunate junior creative at Rainey Kelly Campbell. It really is composition-by-numbers; the pose is a lazy propaganda trick that’s as old as Lenin’s cat, e.g.:
In fact, having taken two random recent examples of print ads featured on CMM News, you can see how easy it is to insert a dreamy propaganda chick.

It also doesn’t help that as one of their long-standing customers, I eventually realised that Lloyds is a rubbish bank anyway.

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