May 25, 2007

Yeah! Wooh! Hey Buddy! And other Tom Cruisisms

I'm using the feeble excuse that the name of this blog includes the words "media monitoring" to justify playing this clip. I could drum up a planning-esque argument about shifting paradigms and perceptions, but, dammit, that's not my style. Actually, I was tempted to use the word "weltanschauung" but that sort of intellectualising would move me too close to the Russell Davies plannersphere for comfort. My brain isn't accustomed to working at that level without chemical assistance.
Yes, you can probably tell the evil pills are still in my system, which is why my brain did a slight brainflip watching this - the best Tom Cruise impression ever. What's frightening (for TC) is that the impressionist is the BBC's Lucy Montgomery.


Jetpacks said...

Excellent. Dead on. The facial expressions were perfect.

Tom might sue.

Make the logo bigger said...

Two things, three, actually.

1) Jp beat me to it.

2) We're really sorry for foisting TC on the world.

3) I will likely now be sued for No. 2.

FishNChimps said...

The world would be a dull place without this hypomidget.