May 15, 2007

She’s edible

The twentysomething carnivorous male brain has an underdeveloped nausea gland that helps its owner devour anything. Never mind that the burger bought from a van outside the footie ground is chock full of little tubes and minced lips and arseholes – so long as there are boiled onions and ketchup around, it’s a nourishing, convenient meal.
Convenience is the name of the game for Rustlers and their microwaveable burger. Last week Brand Republic said that the new Rustler’s TV ad generated over 200 complaints from people worried that it would encourage date rape. That’s a bit like saying the Lynx Bomchickawahwah campaign, with women losing temporary control of their senses, might encourage the use of GHB.

Remember Burger King’s spoof left-handed burger? That’s an idea Rustlers should be playing with. Cook a burger in 70 seconds and devour it with one hand, and pour yourself a relaxing hand-shandy with the other. It sums up the lifestyle depicted in this ad very nicely – convenience food for wankers.
Finally, here’s an amusing curiosity posted by the same user who posted the ad on YouTube: the Rustlers stand at a trade fair. It’s a pity the video isn’t longer – I’d like to know whether this poor girl had to “re-cook” herself every couple of minutes to keep the exhibit going, or whether she was a one-off serving, congealing slowly on the sofa.


Will said...

Hand Shandy. Quite possibly the greatest phrase I've heard in the last year.

Good work.

RFB said...

Seems Rustlers has really identified the market with their companion site:

The audience is hungry drunk guys.

Photo gallery includes women straddling microwaves!

(Bonus: my word verification for this comment is "whurbigf")

SchizoFishNChimps said...

ha. Love the Rustlers site. I wonder whether these fellers use Lynx or Axe?

(BTW, Blogger employ a little goblin man to dream up those word verifications)