May 04, 2007

My DSE affliction has blown up

I call it DSE – Delayed Series Expectation – and I’m in a particularly chronic phase right now. There’s a good chance you’ve experienced DSE at some point in your life.
Let me explain.
On Monday morning I finished watching the 6th series of “24”.
I had not seen the previous five series.
On Tuesday morning, I watched the first episode of series 1 (while having my 40-minute pre-breakfast stint on the exercise bike). That warm fuzzy feeling, of knowing that I have MASSES of catching up to do on something I know I’ll enjoy… that’s DSE.
It’s the same thing when you discover an author you enjoy who already has a large canon of work.
How liberating to have an entire series on DVD. And no bloody ads! But, based on what I saw on series 6, this is what I notice and assume about the show:
So far (episode 3), I recognise nobody else other than Jack Bauer.

- The CTU HQ is different. It must get blown up.

- No Morris, Bill, or annoying sulky moany-faced phone girl, meaning all of Bauer’s series 1 colleagues must get blown up.

- He has a wife and daughter I didn’t know about. At some point, they must get blown up.

- He’s a (relatively) stable character in these episodes, whereas in series 6, only the adrenaline rush keeps him from psychosis/nervous breakdown. Which must mean that everyone he knew 5 years previously has been blown up.

- Early in series 6, downtown LA gets blown up, whereas early in series 1, a plane gets blown up. This indicates that between 1 and 6, lots of innocent people will get blown up.

I know I’m going to enjoy the next few months.


RFB said...

We got on board late as well and watched it BACKWARD, meaning Series 5 followed by 4 and so on. It was actually a good way to keep apprised of who got blown up.

Stanley Johnson said...

Wow! You have got a lot to look forward to.

Interesting thing about #1 is the 24hr thing ran from midnight to midnight. An entire day rather than a 24hr period.

Also well worth a look is the Johnny Depp film Nick Of Time, which uses 'real time' device and predates 24 by several years.

Anonymous said...

"...annoying sulky moany-faced phone girl, meaning all of Bauer’s series 1 colleagues must get blown up."


SchizoFishNChimps said...

I'm kinda hoping moany-faced phone girl gets it, painfully. Eventually.