May 02, 2007

Brand Rep... Brand Repu... Brand Repub...

Is it just me, or is the Brand Republic website (the online home of Campaign and Marketing) trying to wear my teeth down? Previously dull yet fast, the relaunch is well-meaning but slooow, especially when trying to drill down a few layers, increasing the chances of getting one of these wretched error messages. Come on guys, it's been weeks.


George Parker said...

Don't forget, I'm blogging on Brand Republic now. Name of the blog is MadScam, same as the book, which no one in England seems to be buying at Amazon UK... Wankers. I'm also there on June 1st speaking at the PSFK Conference in London. You can buy me a pint.
email me at AdScam.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Aaah dammit George I'm in Edinburgh on 1st June, on a mission to try genuine deep fried Mars bars (on an anniversary trip with oooold school mates), but hopefully the opportunity will arise soon to buy you a pint.
I'm on the new media bit of MadScam now. Am enjoying it immensely.