May 22, 2007

Look what’s in the bakery

Fresh on the heels of their first ads for Asda, Fallon keep the bakery theme going with this cheeky Skoda spot.
I am having difficulty articulating my unease because of the industrial-strength painkillers I’m taking to prevent me ripping my ulcer-ridden eye out.
Here’s the thing. I’ve never seen anyone make a car out of cake before, so kudos for the idea.
1. Hello little girlie. Come into my car and have a sweetie. Hansel and Gretel. Missing child in Portugal. Obtuse, I know but my brain’s slightly fucked at the moment.
2. Drive, don’t walk. Eat cake. You fat bastards.
3. Custard pies. Jelly down the trousers. Skoda is the car of choice for clowns.
It’s a fantastic idea that had my kids wondering who ate it after they finished making it, but I can’t figure how it would persuade me to buy a car.
However, I do have an urge to go to the Asda bakery and buy some doughnuts.
They might even take my mind off the pain.


Will said...

3 is a very valid point. Didn't consider 1.. but now that you mention it..

Lisa Breslin said...

I actually thought it was another ad for Asda at first. Have to agree with all your points as well, put very eloquently as always. And yea, why did they make a car out of cake? Pretty pointless.

moi said...

I really like it, just because its different to what's been done before - a different idea for once. It certainly beats the crap out of the Alfa Romeo one and the 'Hondamentalism'thingy.