April 05, 2007


I tend to do most of my blogging late at night. Monday evening was a particularly late one for me. I had finished the day by zipping through some of my favourite blogs, but for some reason one post had an unexpectedly profound effect upon me, although I didn't appreciate it at the time.
While I was asleep I had an odd dream about being in a railway station in some unidentified country.
I had to get home, somehow. A friendly chap approached me while I was queueing for a coffee and we engaged in a conversation about global warming and Tibetan nose flutes.
Other ad blog readers will recognise the fellow in my dream. He's becoming something of a cult figure. I find his blog strangely enervating, and know I'll have to invest some effort to read his back-posts to truly understand his philosophy.
That'll teach me to watch YouTube before going to bed.
(I can't remember if I made it home)

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