April 11, 2007

"He's dead. That's quite serious."

Do you ever get that feeling of mild depression after reading a particularly engrossing book? That sense of discovery can’t be repeated by reading the same book again. It doesn’t happen too often with films or TV programmes, but I felt it last night – probably for the first time in years whilst sat in front of the box.
I’m still on a downer, the day after the very last episode of Life On Mars.
Here’s one of my favourite bits, a segment of which appeared as a viral trailer in January. The puppet sequence is copied from the 1970s children’s programme, Camberwick Green.


Robert Henry Jackman said...

Ah - someone else with the same feelings as me!

I blogged a short review of Life On Mars (it hleped me make sense of it all) on my blog (http://kickingthedoordown.blogspot.com) - let me know what you think :)


Robert Henry Jackman said...

So what about 'Ashes to Ashes'? Is it set in Sam's (dead) head?

SchizoFishNChimps said...

No, it'll be set in a policewoman's head. I imagine there'll be a similar plot device to have her travel between the noughties and the '80s.