April 10, 2007

Rich pickings

A link received by email a few years ago first alerted me to the b3ta website. The link led to a collection of extremely offensive ads reworked by b3ta's readers. They included mashups of ads, some of which were originally created by my own agency. It was fun seeing these scamps rip the piss out of our own, serious work.
It was one of the site's image challenges. Every week b3ta sets a theme for its Photoshopping readers (some of my favourites - Join The Army, Corporate Disasters and If Tom Cruise Was God).
I frequently big up b3ta - its images are often poached by the media without acknowledging their origin - because its creator Rob Manuel deserves kudos as one of the web's most influential characters. And yet, despite its subversive influence, b3ta still remains a somewhat obscure backwater.
Thankfully, b3ta has revisited the challenge that first took me to the site. Prepare to be mortally offended by new work for "If Ads Told The Truth".

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