April 20, 2007

500th post: agency anecdote

To celebrate this milestone, here's my first decent post in 12 months. It's the perfect excuse to feature a picture of the utterly gorgeous Nigella Lawson - TV cook, wife of British advertising icon Charles Saatchi, and also the daughter of one of Britain's most powerful men during the 1980s. However, that has nothing to do with this anecdote.
This happened several years ago. I am being deliberately vague to protect the innocent.
The occasion: A day-long event attended by The Great And The Good, to celebrate a significant episode in the life of one of the world's most important international organisations (sorry, but I did say it had to be vague).
The setting: The interior of an historic academic institution. It's a soiree which is also attended by hand-picked members of the agency sponsoring the event.
As the guests line up to enter the hallowed halls, a female account executive is ticking off the names.
One guest approaches.
- Account Exec: "Good evening sir."
- Guest: "Good evening."
- Account Exec: "What is your name please?"
- Guest: "Lawson."
- Account Exec: "First name?"
- Guest: "Lord."


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