April 12, 2007

FACT! Pens!

"A writing implement. It uses ink, as opposed to graphite or blood."

...er...that's it.

For more wisdom, check out Fuckwitapedia.

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Brian Thompson said...

Sometimes it just feels like it takes blood.

T. D. Fuhringer said...

Please tell me Conservapedia is some kind of gag site. If not, thank you CMM for giving me a whole new trove of comic material to mine. :)

SchizoFishNChimps said...

No, that wiki is depressingly serious, I'm afraid.

onewomanrunning said...

If you don't know what pen is and have to look it up, are you really going to know what a 'writing implement' is? Or am I missing the point here.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Hey onewoman, welcome back.