April 17, 2007

The devil has the best tunes

Blimey, talk about life imitating art. It took a prick to bring me back to the present day, a bit like Sleeping Beauty in reverse. There was an episode of Life on Mars where Sam, still stuck in 1973, contemplates taking his wannabe girlfriend to see Roxy Music, the up-and-coming band of the time. Ee gads, I even remember going to see kiddy fiddler Gary Glitter before the revelations about his unsavoury urges.
I wonder if the BBC scriptwriters would have been so content to plug Bryan Ferry's band if they knew a bit more about his uniquely personal style.
It's obvious from today's news about Bryan Ferry's love of Nazi showbiz methods that he should have asked to model for Hugo Boss (onetime tailor to the SS), instead of poor old M&S. I always thought there was something peculiar about his bearing, but it's clear that he's not that camp - more like Mein Kampf.

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