August 14, 2007

I bet Arnie packs one of these

Attention all men: as if a relatively simple product couldn't get any more complicated, the Gillette Fusion Power razor now comes with Stealth technology. Now you can creep up on your enemies and secretly shave them while strange women will feel compelled to rub their faces on you. Now that's real power.
Think I'm lying?

More Gillette weaponry:
Just in case four blades weren’t enough;
To run the world, you'll need one of these


Jetpacks said...

I wonder when a razor manufacturer will break this mold.

If it isn't the fazor flying at you like some fighter jet, it's yet ONE MORE BLADE added for that extra closeness (add metal-like SFX, like two swords clashing in battle) that causes hot ladies to lose all control and try to achieve a face orgasm on your just-shaved cheek.

Just like toothbrush ads: lab-coated scientists in the gleaming toothbrush laboratory, develping ground-breaking technologies that are going to "change the way your brush - FOREVER."

Shit - dont' get me started. Oops - too late for that.

FishNChimps said...

Fact: rubbing metalware on your face is primitive macho fun and puts hair on your bollocks.