August 20, 2007

Front first: C&A

I can't believe it's seven years since C&A closed its doors in the UK. The brand name came up in conversation yesterday with some of my old school chums, when I realised that chimplet #1 (age 13) didn't know what the hell we were talking about. That's the trouble when old farts talk about defunct subjects.
Briefly Googling C&A, I'm surprised to find the clothes retailer still going strong in Europe, as evidenced here:

I once received a firm slap from a blonde girlfriend when I told her, long before I got to first base, that I knew her knickers had a C&A label in them. In response to her puzzled look, I said it was a good way of making sure she never put them on back to front.

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Lisa Breslin said...

I'm just back from Malaga and saw a store being fitted out to be opened there. Bizarre, you forget all about these companies. It's a shame it wasn't open yet and I could've gone in to have a good look at their stock these days.

And, very clever on the pants front...