August 07, 2007

AMV succumbs to chimpness

To call an ad "gently amusing" is the equivalent of damning it with faint praise, in my book. However, this one did pass one of the important tests in that it made one of the chimplet brood laugh.
This one from AMV doesn't break the mould - car insurance ads for the British market are usually on the dull or embarrassing side (think shouty people in fancy dress, or sickly-looking retired film directors) but the situations presented here for Norwich Union Direct hover between the plausible and slapstick.
I'm going to resist railing against it because someone at AMV is a regular visitor to CMM (Statcounter reveals all) and I'm going to hazard an ego-stroking guess that my unofficial campaign to have the word "numpty" used more often has rubbed off there.
A quick Lexis Nexis search reveals that in the year before this blog launched, the British press used "numpty" or "numpties" 90 times. In CMM's first year, when my numpty crusade began, this rose to 116. The current count in year #2 is 210.
And that's scientific, folks. Officially.

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