August 16, 2007

Hooray for promos

I am forming the opinion that TV promos are more fun to watch than ads, particularly on Channel Four. It's something I have only just realised, so I haven't built an archive to prove it yet. Here's a current example, promoting Channel Four's repeat channel.
Sarah Beeny is the unintentionally amusing host of a popular amateur property speculation programme. Watching her trying to persuade numpties not to waste their life savings by adding an extra wing on their dream house is such fun. Here she is, Chinese style.

I'm going to keep an eye out for further examples, and will try and figure out why these short blasts of self-promotion are often so much funnier than "real" ads. Are the agencies (if any) being given more creative freedom? Is it down to the ephemeral nature of the promotion - they usually only last a couple of weeks - meaning there has to be a greater impact?


Make the logo bigger said...

I was just noticing that over here as well. Some of the better spots and promos are being done for TV shows more and more, not just trailers with repurposed footage of upcoming episodes like they used to.

Toad said...

And by and large, promos are for products that interest me and I actually learn something from the promos ("will I like this show?" "should I bother to set my TiVo")

Compare that with most adverts where the product is either something I don't care about or something I'm very very familiar with.