June 28, 2007

Two important tasks for my readers

This is a more wayward and rambling post than usual because, quite frankly, I don't have time to work through the material I have set by for this blog.
I am partially pissed off because our chav neighbours' kids are still having a night-time bounce on their trampoline (it's 10:25 pm - don't those little bastards have school in the morning?).
Firstly, I require that those of you who are aged 30 or over and work in advertising (any country, client or agency or whatever) to get your arses over to Facebook and join the group called "Ad Farts: old gits in ad agencies".
Campaign magazine had the raw cheek two weeks ago to infer that the group was rubbish because hardly anyone was in it. But the group had only been running for a couple of weeks. I happen to know the fella who started Ad Farts very well and he's a top bloke, so make him happy. Actually, it was me. There, that's got me a step closer to being fired.
The second job I require you to do is vote on the poll on the right hand side of the page. It's probably the most important poll you'll face all year, because I have determined, after much meaningful analysis, that there is a pro-baby conspiracy to keep ducks out of advertising. I'm not talking about rubber or plastic or CGI'd ducks, but the real thing.
Too many babies. Too few ducks.
Folks, we have a new Prime Minister and I want to present him with the evidence.
Get voting.

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