June 04, 2007

Loving the Olympic logo, part 2

Back from my jolly to Edinburgh, I have a hangover, a streaming cold, and an ulcer in my other eye. I'm a real fucking mess.
We found a chip shop that sold deep fried Mars Bars but upon looking at one of the offending items I realised that it would be a shame to vomit on the gentle streets of Scotland's most civilised city. So I gave it a pass and stuck to pie & chips with gravy, followed by a stream of whiskies (for medicinal purposes).
Back home, it's funny to see the figurative stream of vomit splattering upon the most excellent logo for the 2012 Olympics.
The best story comes from good old b3ta (the greatest website in the world), one of whose regular contributors managed to get this goatse logo onto the official BBC site. The Beeb had asked for ideas for an alternative logo, and the b3tan's effort appeared there long enough for it to appear on the telly during a BBC news item, before it was removed (the mean bastards).
Here's what the logo looked like on the BBC before it was taken down.

*** UPDATE ***
Video clip of the goatse logo appearing on the BBC:

*** another UPDATE ***
The video has now been removed from YouTube, which, according to a commenter on a Guardian Unlimited blog, was 'the result of a copyright takedown notice from the BBC. "I had uploaded the same clip to YouTube and I received a DCMA take-down notice last night. So much for our much loved public broadcaster respecting fair-use of copyright material eh?". Come on Beeb, just admit you were caught out.'


Will said...

Goatse should be on more BBC programming.

Childrens hour?

'Watch for the sign of the lollipop!'

Can't be any more messed up than watching Boobar or the Teletubbies, at any rate.

Charles Edward Frith said...

This has amused me greatly. Thanks for the tip off Will.